Independent Helium Exploration and Production
PetroSun is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The Company believes that it holds the deepest inventory of helium prospects in the Holbrook Basin, which itself is believed to hold some of the largest, unexplored helium reserves in North America. The Company's leasehold portfolio reflects its first-mover advantage and follows twenty years of work to identify and isolate economic sources of helium production in the basin and in the Four Corners region.
forward Leasehold portfolio comprised of more than 300,000 gross acres located primarily in the Holbrook Basin of Arizona and the Four Corners region that are prospective for helium.
forward Significant, contiguous acreage position in the Golden Eagle Gas Field in Utah holds material natural gas reserves, including three wells drilled to date that have tested positive for significant quantities of helium.
forward Important investments in patented, demonstrated technologies to purify flowback and wastewater from oil and gas drilling operations and produced water, and to process lithium and heavy metals from mining ores.
forward Significant equity value, including support from existing investors who collectively equitized more than $11 million in long-term debt in 2022.
forward Team with deep technical and industry experience, including a chairman with more than 20 years of experience identifying helium prospects and leading exploratory operations and a CEO with fifty years of experience managing oil and gas drilling and operations.
settings Operations

PetroSun is focusing its efforts on developing Helium rich resources in the Holbrook Basin of Arizona and the Golden Eagle gas fields of Utah.

Development Program

Our key objective is the commercialization of helium, natural gas and strategic lithium assets with an emphasis on profitability, sustainability, and community responsibility.

Why PetroSun

PetroSun benefits from a unique vertically-integrated business model allowing it to leverage it's key factors for success: access to extremely rich helium reserves; highly efficient gas separation technologies; and end-user distribution capabilities.


PetroSun is committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values across all areas of operations. The company has a track record of investing in solutions that more efficiently process natural resources for better protection of the environment.

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query_stats Company Metrics
A growing portfolio of leases.
Developing mineral leases in South West USA for more than two decades.
Excellent community relationships that date back 25 years
Focus on geographic areas with helium concentrations as high as 9%
Well funded with core investors committed to the long term
Emphasis on technology innovation for more efficient exploration activities and sustainability
Individuals with more than 40 years experience in mineral exploration
trending_up Poised to Grow

PetroSun is positioned to benefit from favorable trends in the helium industry:

done Legislation encouraging private helium development in the United States

done A growing worldwide market demand with constrained supply

done Politically unstable situations in the few other countries that provide helium to the global marketplace.