Uplist Application

PetroSun has begun the application process for moving from the OTC PINK and uplisting to the OTCQB or OTCQX. The application process will not guarantee acceptance of the Company’s submission to OTC Markets. The Company is hiring a nationally known audit firm to provide an audit for the 2020 fiscal year and to generally be available to assist in the uplisting process.

The uplisting from the OTC PINK designation is anticipated to provide improved liquidity by increasing the visibility for current and potential U.S. investors and to add to the Company’s shareholder base. By meeting and maintaining the stricter eligibility requirements of the uplisting, PetroSun would benefit from Blue-Sky exemptions from certain U.S. state securities laws, which has the potential to further enhance trading volumes through an expansion of investment advisers’ ability to recommend investments to their U.S. clients.

Gordon LeBlanc, Jr., CEO of PetroSun, stated, “Our application to uplist from OTC PINK will better enable PetroSun to share with investors the Company’s progress to date in further commercializing its strategic helium interests. We have the responsibility to our shareholders to expand PetroSun’s visibility and liquidity in the financial markets through better introduction to new investors and enabling their participation.”