Protecting the environment, ensuring the safety of our employees and investing in the communities where we work is integral to PetroSun's operating philosophy.
person_pin CEO Statement

We recognize that crude oil and natural gas will continue to be the major source of energy globally for the foreseeable future. However, the need to establish sustainable and renewable energy sources will continue to be high on the agenda at PetroSun.

PetroSun is mindful of the concerns of our stakeholders and we do all we can can to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and intend to implement continuous ESG improvements throughout our organization and affiliates.

For the past two decades PetroSun has sought opportunities in alternative energies and has been at the forefront of developing technologies that lessen the impact of fossil fuel production.

We are currently involved in exploration activities for materials used in batteries as part of our committed to being a leader in the development and deployment of alternative energy resources.

verified_user Operational Efficiency
PetroSun incorporates a management system that promotes operational efficiency to ensure we execute at the highest level of environmental awareness. Our goal is to encourage a culture of personal responsibility and rigorous adherence to best practices that reflects our commitment to sustainability, biodiversity and social impact.
We operate under best industry practices for drilling, well design, and well casing to protect groundwater and environmental resources. We leverage the use of longer laterals to reduce the surface impact of our drilling activities.
We limit the use of chemical additives in our well completion operations. Our production activities are covered by air emissions monitoring.
A workplace culture where climate change and environmental awareness is prioritised. Sustainability management is integrated into our normal work practices by setting clear objectives and targets. Regular training and readily available information is provided to ensure a clear understanding of policies and standards relating to land and resource use and waste management.