Protecting the environment, ensuring the safety of our employees and investing in the communities where we work is integral to PetroSun's operating philosophy.
person_pin CEO Statement

We recognize that crude oil and natural gas will continue to be the major source of energy globally for the foreseeable future. However, the need to establish sustainable and renewable energy sources will continue to be high on the agenda at PetroSun.

PetroSun is mindful of the concerns of our stakeholders and we do all we can can to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and intend to implement continuous ESG improvements throughout our organization and affiliates.

For the past two decades PetroSun has sought opportunities in alternative energies and has been at the forefront of developing technologies that lessen the impact of fossil fuel production. Particularly in waste water management.

We are currently involved in exploration activities for materials used in batteries as part of our committed to being a leader in the development and deployment of alternative energy resources.

verified_user Operational Efficiency
PetroSun incorporates a management system that promotes operational efficiency to ensure we execute at the highest level of environmental awareness. Our goal is to encourage a culture of personal responsibility and rigorous adherence to best practices that reflects our commitment to sustainability, biodiversity and social impact.
We operate under best industry practices for drilling, well design, and well casing to protect groundwater and environmental resources. We leverage the use of longer laterals to reduce the surface impact of our drilling activities.
We have developed on site modular processing units at the well fields. We also intend to utilize our solar powered dish energy provided by our affiliates for electricity, water distillation, and cooling. Our operations are close to established pipelines which precludes us from developing new and expensive infrastructure.
We limit the use of chemical additives in our well completion operations. Our production activities are covered by air emissions monitoring.
Leveraging best-in-class equipment at our facilities combined with on-going well checks to detect and prevent leaks and emission events. We generally reduce transportation emissions through increased use of pipeline infrastructure.
Land Use
Fresh water savings by utilizing on site water recycling technology via our patented flow back systems. We reduce production consumption by recycling. We minimize our surface footprint by reclaiming any unused acreage at our sites.
A workplace culture where climate change and environmental awareness is prioritised. Sustainability management is integrated into our normal work practices by setting clear objectives and targets. Regular training and readily available information is provided to ensure a clear understanding of policies and standards relating to land and resource use and waste management.
compost Putting Back
Our Environmental Management System provides a framework for assessing and managing the habitats and communities where we operate. We want to increase biodiversity and help lift communities wherever possible and this forms part of the decision making process when it comes to the construction and operation of our assets.
recycling Track Record
PetroSun has a track record of developing and investing in sustainable technologies. The company's mission is to be an innovator in the oil, gas, mining and agriculture industries, and to this end we have built a portfolio of patented technologies, particularly in wastewater management. The company also provides seed capital to companies that develop products in the renewable energy transport sector.
Sonoran Dish Energy
Utilizes Solar power with thermal storage to provide electric power, water distillation, and cooling, operating up to 24 hours without batteries.
Sonoran CryDesal
Develops proprietary technology for desalination of wastewater within agricultural processing systems.
Sun MicroMobility
Manufactures and distributes solar and pedal powered hybrid vehicles.
Good Earth
Develops and commercializes gravimetric separation technology using patents and intellectual property.
Notable Kids Publishing
Notable Kids Publishing is a full-service children's book publishing company established in 2016.
Eau Resources
Uses patented processes that provide the unique capability to treat any source of oilfield production or frac flow-back water streams to a crystal clear, organic free brine water.
Case Study
water_drop Wastewater
Management System
A patented water treatment process that allows drilling and fracking operations to be true, closed-loop water-usage cycle operations.

The process supports the needs of fracking and drilling operations with a fraction of the water typically required. The system is low cost, modular, easily transportable and has minimal environmental impact.

This technology produces crystal clear, sterile brine, free of any hydrocarbons and a dewatered solid waste which is landfill ready.

done Removes Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) to non detectable levels.
done Typical problematic soluble metals (like iron) to less than 1 PPM.
done Suspended solids to non detectable levels.
Benefits of the Eau Resources Water Management System
Significant reduction in cost of operations
Reduces wastewater disposal costs, water supply costs, and transportation costs.
Reduces the need for fresh water on site
Reduced impact on local municipal water supplies.
Reduced truck traffic on public roads
Less fresh and waste water hauled means lower impact on public roads, noise and air quality.
No additional treatment required
Once our process is complete no further treatment is required where additional processing such as reverse osmosis is proposed.
Reduction in the volume of wastewater
Treated flowback and production water from one well can be readily recycled and blended for use in a proximate well. Only solids from drybox are sent offsite for disposal.
Problematic flowback and production water
Typically prohibited from disposal in SWD wells may be readily disposed of in conventional SWD wells in lieu of solidification.
Inexpensive filtration process
Does not require substantial amounts of energy like other processes that remove salts - i.e distillation.
Other problematic source waters
Our treatment of recovered SWD well waters and other problematic source waters which may otherwise be unacceptable for re-use can readily be used for hydrofracturing.