local_police PetroSun Corporate Governance

A sound governance framework provides the controls, checks and balances that an organization relies on to overcome its operational challenges.

At PetroSun our goal is to continually adjust and improve organizational performance and operational issues in line with internal metrics. This includes capital deployment, sustainability and social responsibility.

From an external perspective, PetrosSun's core oversight provides an accurate view of earnings and balance sheet performance that stakeholders may rely on.

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warning Risk Management
Given PetroSun's lengthy track record in the industry and it's prospective nature, we are fully aware of the risks when it comes to gas exploration and production. There is a broad array of risks that can disrupt operations - natural disasters, engineering issues, geopolitical intrusion or economic factors to list just a few. PetroSun's risk management system provides a framework for identifying, assessing and controlling risk and is intended, as far as possible, to mitigate the impact when these issues do arise.
Up to date risk policies and assessment
Leadership engagement
Employee awareness and education
Community outreach
Adherence to best practices
Technology and best in class equipment