Respect and dignity for everyone is a cornerstone of the way we do business

At PetroSun we are committed to making a positive impact on the communities around us in a way that respects local cultures.

We seek to participate in constructive community engagement as an active member ourselves by building and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders.

forum Community Support
PetroSun has supported events, fundraisers, benefits, and sponsorship programs in the Four Corners region of New Mexico and Arizona.
Project Support

We recognize delivering on our commitment to community uplift is fundamental to our long-term success. To this end we are willing to partner with organisations and local not-for-profit groups to provide better services for locally driven initiatives.

We look to support projects and organisations that benefits communities in New mexico and Arizona. Typical projects are those that:

done Provide local community skill enhancement, education and training.
done Involve renewable energy initiatives or are concerned with the environment or natural resources in the local area.
done Improve community safety, health and wellbeing or involve activities which encourage community connection.
group_add Stakeholder Engagement
PetroSun has long established relationships in the communities in which we operate.

The company was founded in the early 2000s and in some areas we have been developing relationships for more than two decades.

We recognize that these communities are not just places where we operate, it's where people live and raise their families. We engage with stakeholders early in our operational phase via frequent and direct communication, providing information on our intended activities and obtaining feedback as we seek to understand stakeholder needs and concerns.

Prospect Owners
Local communities
Private and public investors
Contractors and partners
Regulators and authorities
Non-government organizations and special interest groups
badge Employee Development
We understand the importance of valuing our people and we are committed to creating a workplace that benefits from inclusivity and diversity and promotes local opportunities.
done Access to apprenticeship and training programs
done Wherever possible we prioritize hiring locally to contribute to the communities in which we operate.
done Career paths to more advanced field work and professional development opportunities.
done Flat corporate structure with direct access to leadership.
PetroSun is committed to promoting a culture that fosters professional development, mutual respect and open communication between teams, management and employees. Our goal is to develop strategies that create a safe and healthy work environment, where all employees are aligned to HSE initiatives.
At PetroSun we embrace diversity in order to enhance a culture that empowers employees and promotes integrity. We seek to develop a mix of skills and talent so that the company may best conduct its business and achieve its goals. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based on age, gender, disability, ethnicity, marital status, religious or cultural background, to name but a few.
Health and Safety
Safety is a fundamental component of PetroSun's operations and culture. We strive to exceed applicable health and safety regulations and we monitor our performance to ensure compliance and continuous improvement. We work collaboratively with our employees to ensure all personnel are aware of their safety obligations. We expect contractors to operate under similar safety margins, with requisite HSE planning that addresses any work they perform.
We are committed to actively managing inclusion and seek to foster an environment in which any person feels respected, valued and able to participate and contribute within the company.
diversity_3 Corporate Citizenry
PetroSun engages with communities in the four corners region through a number of programs that underlines our commitment to corporate citizenry.
Good Neighbor Relations
We strive to be a good neighbor. We listen to stakeholders concerns and implement corresponding mitigation measures. These may include landscaping for sound abatement and visual pollutants, livestock fencing, protection of water resources, vehicular noise reduction after hours and the elimination of night time water haulage.
Positive Legacy
We strive to be stewards of the environment and to protect the habitats where we operate. We embark on reclamation projects once activities are complete in order to return sites to their natural state with clean water, fresh air, abundant vegetation, and unobstructed landscapes.
PetroSun is focused on conducting its business and interactions with all stakeholders in a responsible and ethical manner. Before commencing operations we consult with relevant county departments and / or non-governmental organizations and other policy influencers and conduct our business in accordance with the laws and regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions in which we operate. We adhere to governance practices mandated by our company code of conduct and community expectations.
Transparent Dialogue
We take steps to ensure the local community has a voice prior to us commencing operations and we will conduct meetings and maintain a transparent and honest dialogue with home and business owners in the vicinity of our operations.
Collaborative Resolutions
Developing good corporate citizenship means creating and sustaining relationships with key stakeholders at all stages of developing our operations. When issues arise our approach is to constructively explore these differences and to search for solutions via consultation and collaboration that might otherwise be too complex or too protracted to be resolved by unilateral action.
Proactive Measures
Our aim is to display a consistent pattern of voluntary actions in response to the social concerns that arise from our community interactions. This means building a proactive corporate citizenship position by operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and contributing voluntarily to the social and economic prosperity of the communities in which we operate.