Owner Assets
We are interested in leasing and purchasing minerals.
We work directly with land owners as well as operators looking to sell their mineral interests.
quiz How it Works
The lease should be our target area. Generally we are interested in the following regions:
done Holbrook Basin in Arizona
done Paradox Basin in Utah
done Four Corners areas of New Mexico.
Once we have completed a geographical evaluation we will conduct a geological evaluation to determine if the property holds minerals we are interested in. We will then verify title and ownership and if the criteria are met we will enter an acquisition phase.
live_help Why work with us
Landowner Centric
We put the emphasis on landowner relations. We value all our interest owners and respond to any call to action in a timely and professional manner.
Community Relations
For us it's not just about getting the minerals out of the ground. We also invest in the communities where we work.
Environmentally Safe Spproach
We use renewable energy sources and on site wastewater treatment to more efficiently extract minerals and minimize environmental impact.
Minimal Footprint
PetroSun's production methodology is based on mobile modular equipment that requires less little infrastructure, is easily removed and allows habitats to be easily rehabilitated.
PetroSun has an excellent reputation in the industry and is dedicated to meeting its obligations.
Track Record
PetroSun has owned mineral rights in the USA for more than two decades. Management experience goes back to the 1990s.