PetroSun is focused on creating long-term value for our stockholders and fostering a culture that is steadfast on environmental sustainability, operational safety, social responsibility, and sound corporate governance.
What we do
PetroSun is an exploration-stage mining company as defined by the United States Security & Exchange Commission (SEC), involved in the process of exploring for and evaluating prospective helium and lithium properties to determine which, if any, contain deposits that are economically recoverable.
Where we operate
Our interests are concentrated in the Southwest region of the United States. The company owns mineral leases in the Holbrook Basin of Arizona, the Four Corners region of New Mexico, and in the Golden Eagle Gas Field of Utah. More recently we have acquired mining conessions in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.
Our operations
We plan to identify recoverable helium reserves in geologic structures by drilling and via third party engineering analysis. Viable fields will be developed through production well drilling and completion, and infrastructure gathering system construction. We plan to utilize our unique mobile processing equipment to separate and refine helium at the wellhead or from a field gathering system, and transport the product to customers.
Why PetroSun
PetroSun has accumulated working interests in oil and gas lease holdings in geographic regions considered to have some of the highest helium concentrations in the world. Helium is considered to be commercially viable where concentrations in natural gas exceed 0.3 percent. Previous exploration activities in the Holbrook Basin and Four Corners areas have indicated concentrations ranging from trace amounts to as much as 10 percent which would suggest tremendous economic potential.
Company objectives
Key objectives include the expected commercialization of our helium and strategic lithium assets with an emphasis on profitability, and the continued development of our technology and renewables projects, whilst encouraging sustainability, community responsibility, and national security.
admin_panel_settings Management

PetroSun is led by a senior management team who have explored and developed oil and gas resources in the United States for decades.

Mr. Gordon LeBlanc serves as Chairman of the Board and has been involved in engineering and executive management, both upstream and downstream, in the Four Corners energy sector for more than thirty years.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Gerald Bailey, has over fifty years experience in international and domestic petroleum production.

Commitment from team members at all levels to our core values of integrity and hard work is the fulcrum by which PetroSun plans to achieve its goal of successfully producing and developing its mineral resources.

account_tree Ownership Strucuture
PetroSun, Inc.
Incorporated in the state of Nevada, 2001
Petrosun is a publically traded company. Major shareholders are members of the executive team and private individuals.
PetroSun Golden Eagle, LLC
Leases in the Golden Eagle Gas Field, Utah
Eau Resources, LLC
Intellectual property for processing wastewater.
Princess Energy, LLC
Leases in the Holbrook Basin, Arizona
Teche Mining, LLC
Acquisition and administration of mining technology.
Compania Minera La Meseta, S.A. de C.V.
Ownership in mining concessions and non mineral acreage in Mexico.
apartment Business Units
Board of Directors
Gerald Bailey
Gordon LeBlanc
Andrew Levy
Executive Team
Gerald Bailey
Gordon LeBlanc
Chris Hewitt
Gordon LeBlanc
Christopher Sumners
Gordon LeBlanc
contacts Business Directory
Company Directors
Gordon LeBlanc
Gerald Bailey
Andrew Levy
Company Secretary
Chris Hewitt
Registered and Corporate Office
2999 North 44th Street, Suite 620
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Tel: 480-425-4290
Transfer Agent
Sedona Equity Registrar & Transfer, Inc
143 W Helena Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Tel: 602-620-1554
Exchange Listing
Exchange: OTC Pink Sheets
Symbol: PSUD
Securities Counsel
Aaron D. McGeary
The McGeary Law Firm, P .C. 1
1600 Airport Freeway, Suite 300
Bedford, Texas 76022
Tel: 817-282-5885
Geok Pang Lim, C.P.A.
GPL Consulting LLC 14210 Flower Creek Ln Houston, TX 77077
Tel: 619-277-4128
Mark Shelley, C.P.A. Shelley Tax 1012 S Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204 Tel: 480-461-8301
people_outline Industry Partners
We work with a wide range of partner companies on an ongoing basis. Listed below are some of the companies that we have developed important relationships with.
business PetroSun Affiliates
PetroSun has a history of investing in exploratory-stage comapanies that develop products and services oriented towards a more sustainable way of doing things in the hydrocarbon industry.
Eau Resources

Patented technology effective in removing constituents from contaminated wastewater. The treated water may be returned to the environment in near-closed-loop conditions at levels suitable for agricultural reuse.

Eau Resources Website forward
Torus Techworks

A consortium of companies identified by the symbiotic nature of their associated technologies to complement each other through further expansion into the energy sector. Additional objectives include developing untapped opportunities in agriculture, recreation, and municipal services.

Good Earth

Good Earth IP, LLC is in the business of developing and commercializing gravimetric separation technology using patents and other intellectual property.

Notable Kids Publishing

Notable Kids Publishing is a full-service children's book publishing company established in 2016 with the mission is to provide quality content for children that embraces social-emotional learning and promotes self-esteem.