Historical and Projected

BLM is Declining

  • In 2014, the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve provided roughly 1/6th (1 Bcf of a 6 Bcf market) of global helium supply and much of the global market’s storage and supply flexibility. The Reserve is set to wind down by 2021.
  • Critical supply source; provides some measure of price transparency
  • Annual BLM helium sales have declined from >2.0 Bcf in 2012 to approximately 900 MMcf in 2015
  • Significant new supplies – domestically and abroad – will be needed to offset BLM declines.


Aside from crude helium supplied by US BLM, helium has traditionally been supplied in the US from natural gas processing in the Mid‐Continent, Rockies and Four Corners.

The Holbrook Basin Helium Project will help the U.S. market fill in the gap with a substantial source of helium production and a stable base of refined helium supply for years to come.