Global and Domestic

2015 – Demand by Application


Healthcare, High-tech Manufacturing & Scientific Research

  • Healthcare Industry
    • Consumption of helium was largest in healthcare industry in 2015.
    • Of the 2014 world helium production of about 180 million cubic meters of helium per year, the largest use (about 32% of the total) is in cryogenic applications, most of which involves cooling the superconducting magnets in medical MRI scanners and NMR spectrometers.
    • Helium is used in medical instrumentations, nuclear medicine, and breathing observation. It is essential in treating asthma, emphysema and other conditions that affect the lungs.


  • Manufacturing & Science Research
    • Helium is used in fiber optics and utilized to cool semiconductors that manufacture many digital devices.
    • Liquid helium assists in cooling the superconducting equipment in particle accelerators.
    • Super magnets and brain cell research. Labs all over the U.S. use liquid helium to cool instruments that will only work at super-low temperatures.


  • Industrial Uses
    • Arc welding uses helium to create an inert gas shield. Similarly, divers and others working under pressure can use a mix of helium and oxygen to create a safe artificial breathing atmosphere.
    • Various industries use helium to detect gas leaks before their products come to market


  • Government – US Defense & Space Programs
    • Cutting edge space science and research requires helium. NASA uses helium to keep hot gases and ultra-cold liquid fuel separated during lift off of rockets.
    • National defense applications include rocket engine testing, scientific balloons, surveillance craft, air-to-air missile guidance systems, and more.