Modular Liquid Helium Processing (MLHP) Unit

  • The Modular Liquid Helium Processing (MLHP) Unit is a mobile modular gas processing plant which will process reservoir gas in the wellfield.


  • The MLHP Unit is comprised of several components which are housed in ISO containers, mounted on trailers, and are interconnected at the gas production source. These small processing plants are a fraction of the cost of traditional helium processing plants, and have the advantage of being easily relocated when productions stops in a gas field.


  • Depending upon the geologic formation gas composition, the MLHP can be modified to produce natural gas (LNG), liquid CO2, in addition to commercial grade helium. Helium quality from the MLHP unit will be commercial grade (99.999%), and will normally be compressed for tube trailer loading. Liquid helium (LHe) can also be produced from the MLHP unit if required. Loading of LHe into cryogenic trailers, requires the production of liquid nitrogen (LN), which can also be performed by the MLHP unit.


*Detailed report on MLHP Unit can be provided upon request