General Geology

  • Permian Strata truncate Devonian, Mississippian, Pennsylvanian and Proterozoic basement rocks along the southwest margin of the Defiance-Zuni Uplift in the Eastern Holbrook Basin. Maximum submergence of the Uplift may have occurred during the Mississippian (Stoyanow, 1936).  The Mississippian rocks were subsequently eroded back to an edge line west of Devonian rocks, most likely due to slow emergence of the uplift in Pennsylvanian through Permian time. As much as 2,000 feet of Permian Strata was deposited on the Proterozoic basement rocks of the Defiance-Zuni Uplift.
  • Devonian, Mississippian, and Pennsylvanian strata are the most extensive and prospective of the pre-Permian units in the eastern Holbrook Basin. The Manuel seep one of the highest points on the Holbrook Basin. The Devonian, Mississippian and Pennsylvanian stratas truncate and stack on one another as you move up structure to the apex of the Holbrook Basin.