March 19th, 2018

March 19th, 2018

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— (Disclosure & News Service – March 19, 2018) – PetroSun, Inc (OTC PINK: PSUD)
announced today that PetroSun Energy Services, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has formed a limited,
joint venture relationship with ELD Resources, LLC of Livonia, New York. The joint venture formed Eau
Resources, LLC and it is licensed by ELD to exploit production and frac water and other waste streams
generated by the oil and gas industry. Eau Resources will also pursue opportunities associated with
other industrial wastewater streams.

PetroSun Energy Services holds a 50% equity position in Eau Resources, LLC and is currently in
negotiations with several potential oil industry and other industrial wastewater projects.
About ELD Resources, LLC:

ELD Resources, LLC has their mission statement integrated into their name, ELD “Every Last Drop”
recovered. The ELD team has multiple patented and patent pending technologies focused on the
treatment of industrial waste streams. These technologies make ELD uniquely qualified to manage a
multitude of challenging industrial and agricultural waste fluid and solids management and treatment
problems which are outside of the realm of traditional treatment regimens. ELD has expertise in all
manner of petroleum-based waste issues, methods for the precipitation of difficult and often valuable
inorganic constituents from waste streams, in destruction of complex organic constituents from fluid
waste, as well as management of agricultural runoffs.

The focus of ELD Resources is treatment for recovery and reuse of water, petroleum products,
precipitated solids, dewatered solids, etc. The ELD team has also developed cutting edge technologies
across multiple industries. These include methods to chemically refine some crude oils within
production tanks; clean frac tanks and other large vessels without requirements for staff to ever enter
the vessels; precipitate deleterious metals from waste stream and recover them as potentially valuable

The ELD Resources team includes chemical and petroleum engineers, nationally known and respected
HSE professionals and senior scientists with specialized expertise in oxidation technologies, all with
decades of experience. The team has focused their expertise into creating economically and
environmentally friendly means and methods for managing many difficult to manage waste streams.
This expertise has also made ELD Resources capable of managing conventional waste streams in a highly
efficient and cost-effective manner.


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