August 27th, 2018

August 27th, 2018

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – (Disclosure & News Service – August 27, 2018) – PetroSun, Inc (OTC PINK: PSUD) The Board of Directors of PetroSun, Inc (“PetroSun” or the “Company”) announced today the release of the Corporate Profile of its affilate Arizona Energy Partners, LLC.

Arizona Energy Partners, LLC (“AEP”), an affiliate of PetroSun (PSUD), was formed in December of 2015, to develop, process and distribute helium sourced from the Holbrook Basin, an area located in the Northeastern corner of Arizona. AEP has structured a unique vertically-integrated business model to achieve its goals and take advantage of AEP’s key factors for success: access to extremely rich helium reserves; more efficient gas separation technology; and, an option to acquire end-user distribution capabilities. It is exciting to acknowledge the very favorable conditions working for AEP including legislation encouraging private helium development in the U.S.; a growing worldwide market demand with constrained supply; and, politically unstable situations in the very few other countries that also provide helium to the global marketplace.

Over the past few years, AEP has extended its corporate mission to encompass other energy and mineral resources. AEP is currently developing multiple projects in the “Four Corners” area of the United States (encompassing Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico). The targeted resources include helium, lithium, oil and natural gas/LNG. The Four Corners area is extremely rich in these resources and will provide commercial quantities for many years into the future. AEP currently controls over 300,000 acres of mineral leaseholds.

While drilling new wells and revitalizing mature wells, AEP also is investing in more efficient and effective solutions for processing natural resources and protecting the environment. AEP is commercializing unique technologies for cryogenic gas purification and liquefaction, desalination, onsite oil and gas well production and frac water treatment and solar thermal, power and 24/7 storage.

As AEP approaches 2019, it will be entering its revenue-generating phase for the company. Key global industrial gas distributors are already negotiating with AEP for helium and LNG off-take agreements. It should be noted that the U.S. government facility in Amarillo, Texas will curtail or eliminate the supply of helium to private industry soon. Oil and natural gas offer ready markets especially since the U.S. is focused on total energy independence. Additionally, domestic sourced lithium is in great demand due to the rapidly growing electric auto industry.

Arizona Energy Partners is led by an experienced management team that includes,

• CEO, Chairman & Managing Member, Dr. R Gerald Bailey, P.E.: Dr. Bailey, retired President of Exxon Arabian Gulf, brings over 55 years of experience in the petroleum industry with extensive engineering, management, and senior executive assignments. Dr. Bailey has worked in all aspects of the industry, both upstream and downstream, with particular Middle East skills, along with U.S. domestic and offshore. Dr. Bailey specifically brings helium development experience to AEP.

• Founder, President & Managing Member, Gordon M. LeBlanc, Jr.: As a third-generation member of the oil and gas industry in his family, Gordon LeBlanc has over 40 years experience as an oil and gas operator and consultant. Gordon founded PetroSun, Inc. in 2001, and was responsible for its transition into the renewable energy sector. Torus TechWorks, Inc was founded in 2018 and is jointly engaged with PetroSun in the development and implementation of technologies such as enhanced oil recovery, modular and mobile plants for the purification and liquefaction of helium and natural gas, processing of formation and frac water from oil and gas wells, cryogenic desalination, solar thermal, power and 24/7 storage and the recovery of petroleum from contaminated soils.

• Executive Vice President/Finance & Managing Member, Ron Monat: Ron brings over 40 years business experience working with some of the largest corporations in the U.S. and participating in many industry sectors: General Mills, Warner-Lambert, International Playtex, Smith-Kline, Warner Bros. and CBRE. At CBRE (the largest commercial real estate and investment services firm in the world), Ron launched the CBRE Renewable Energy Group and consulted with developers, technology companies and land owners to site, fund and joint-venture for the development of power plants and other energy projects. Ron has worked with a wide array of technologies and energy forms including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and oil & gas regarding project brokerage, funding and investing.

• Physics, Chemical, Engineering and Cryogenic Technology Advisor John A. Barclay, Ph.D.: Dr. Barclay brings over 40 years of technical and executive experience in small and large technology companies, national research laboratories, and universities primarily in advanced energy systems. His personal focus has been on the development of innovative, efficient, sustainable, and renewable energy systems. Work in these fields has given him a wide range of technical experience in magnetic materials, chemical and process engineering, mechanical engineering, applied thermodynamics, and cryogenics engineering. A principal author of more than 160 professional publications and inventor or co-inventor for about 30 patents including the active magnetic regenerator are a few of his accomplishments. John has held positions of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, Board Member, educator, scientist/engineer, and program manager. Teams led by Dr. Barclay have completed numerous advanced technical projects ranging from conceptual feasibility studies to lab prototypes to implementation of highly efficient commercial plants in cryogenics, advanced refrigeration, process gas purification for small-scale LNG, LH2, and LHe production.

Please contact us should you have any questions regarding Arizona Energy Partners or about acquiring supply for helium, lithium, oil and natural gas/LNG.

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